Hey there!
You are reading the Dudinofs post about Dudinofs. Sounds weird, right? Let me explain.

We come in two shapes: real-life Dudinofs and doodle Dudinofs. Live action Alisa and Ilya: very flesh and blood, serious and not-at-all-funny grown-ups behind this blog. Mr. and Mrs. Dudinofs are our two dimensional alter egos, not-at-all-serious, childish and silly. We like the latter more for their honesty and spontaneity. Just compare: 2D is better, isn’t it? They have wa-ay more style, that is for sure!


Who Doodle Dudinofs are

Essentially I (Alisa) am the mastermind behind the #dudinofs doodle series. However, do not be fooled, Ilya is even more important, as he is the ideological inspirer and main protagonist of the doodles. Moreover, he is the first and the most important critic and emotional support for me.

What emerged as some random doodles on various notebook margins by now is a full-time hobby. There are Dudinofs everywhere in the house: daily planners, random scraps of paper on the working desk, blackboard in the kitchen, sketchbooks full of drafts, hard drives filled with finished and unfinished works, not to mention a headfull of endless ideas…

Besides everyday life scenes, so far Dudinofs have been to space, time-travelling, cosplaying our favourite pop culture characters, recreating classic works of art and whatnot. And this is the essence of the Dudinofs: to boldly go, where no real-life Dudinofs have gone before =)


What Doodle Dudinofs stand for

Dudinofs get inspiration from the tiniest possible moments in life: movies and series we see, places we go, food we eat, daily mishaps we get over and so on and so forth. We try different styles and mediums, but stay true to the key concept of it: conveying our feelings to the world through doodles.  Believe me on that, no doodle has ever been forced, every single one is truly loved and cherished.

In no time Dudinofs totally occupied my Instagram. Although I occasionally try to post some real photos, sneaky little brats are back on stage right after and grab all the attention. Well, I learned to live with it =). At the moment of writing this, I am soon to post my 100th doodle. Never thought this will last for so long…

Eventually, I was asked to do some Dudinofs-style art with non-Dudinofs characters. President Lincoln was the first! Imagine my surprise. Although not open for commissions, I was always up for a challenge. And then physical manifestation started to appear: occasional t-shirts and digital prints. Was it awesome? It was wa-aay beyond that for a delusional egomaniacal person like me =)


Doodle Dudinofs and beyond

The #notsodudinofs collection is now updated fairly regularly. I am as proud of those boys and girls, as I am proud of every Mr. and Mrs. that are out there!

Not stopping there for sure =) Dudinofs will keep coming, so in case you like them more than you like us, follow my (OK, their) Instagram and hopefully Mr. and Mrs. will continue to brighten your day.

And if, by any chance, you are interested in real-life Dudinofs stories, by all means, welcome to our blogs: His, Hers and Ours