We are Alisa and Ilya and glad to greet you on our blog.
This is the place to keep our texts and photos that we have published during different time periods.

In the beginning the blog did not have specific topic, but served more as a storage area, to keep our work in one place. But eventually we have decided to separate our sections for clearer focus, thus “His, Hers and Ours” concept.

  • “HIS” blog contains Ilya’s entries focused on the subject that are close to him;
  • “HERS” blog content reflects Alisa’s areas of interest;
  •  “OURS” covers all the rest, that we are both passionate about.

All above combined make up the Dudinofs blog. There is no strict topic separation between authors, sometimes single post can be written by both of us, but that is what makes it interesting, right?

Thanks for stopping by and hope, you’ll enjoy!

Ilya and Alisa